Qualifications: BNsg; Certified Midwife (UK); Certified Post Basic Nephrology Educator (UK); Certified Infant Massage Instructor (Aus)

Most of Sonia’s formal working life has been in the specialist areas of midwifery and latterly, haemodialysis/ transplantation, teaching patients with kidney failure to dialyse themselves at home. She worked as the renal course co-ordinator for the Post Basic Nephrology course between the Prince Henry Hospital and Sydney Hospital.

Teaching and training have been a substantial part of her working life. But it is her role as a ‘stay at home’ mother to four boys, and all that that entails, that informed her decision to explore infant massage as her youngest child benefitted from it during his first year of life. Now that her children have all become adults and flown the coop she feels free to share her experiences. She is now working as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) having completed the First Touch Programme with the International Association Of Infant Massage ( From November 2015 until August 2018, Sonia volunteered for CatholicCare’s Family Centre on the Northern Beaches as their Infant Massage Instructor.