These six first time mothers were asked to provide an assessment of their experience of the practical classes at the end of the 5 week course which Sonia taught as part of her final exams to become an instructor.


“We have bonded further – I have learned what she likes and doesn’t like. I feel she has gotten to know me more. (I liked best the comfortable surroundings, no pressure, interaction with other mums, stress-free interaction with baby. This is a fantastic class. I will very much miss it. Just love the casual, relaxed setting talking with other mums with no time pressure.” Teresa and baby G (8 weeks)


It was really a great opportunity to spend quality time with my baby. He loves having his legs massaged and overall loves the interaction and becomes very ‘chatty’ in the process! Sonia was very understanding and realistic in her expectations and this made me feel comfortable. (I liked) best learning new techniques with massage that my baby clearly enjoyed.” Vanessa & baby B, (4 months).


“Sonia was a very good instructor and also very knowledgeable about babies from her midwifery background and life experience. I liked best the very practical, individual attention and instruction.” Wendy & baby B (10 weeks)


“I learnt that my baby loves her legs and feet massaged and the importance of stimulating the touch sense. Sonia was able to develop great rapport. Friendly, relaxed environment. Thank you Sonia. Serena & baby G (8 weeks).


“I really enjoyed baby massage and would recommend other new parents attend,… another way to get to know the babies better and bond more. I learned that she likes lots and lots of cuddles. She likes her legs, back arms and face massaged, but her tummy, not so much. Sonia has a wealth of knowledge about babies.” Paula and baby G (10 weeks).


I learned that he loves touch! That he is ‘talking’ to me! How to communicate better with baby. Sonia is very knowledgeable about all things baby. She loves to give and loves babies and that comes through in her teaching. Thank you so much; I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Chondelle and baby B (13 weeks).